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I offer and have always offered a wide range of services, I find this particularly challenging and fun! I work in media from work done using the computer as the tool, to hand done work using pastels and color pencils and acrylic. I solve design problems looking always for the best solution, one which will speak to the heart of the viewer. Here are the major services I offer:


(Large and Small)​

We design and install Murals on existing Glass like glass walls for OFFICES, RESTAURANTS, HOTELS, HOSPITALS etc, we also cut custom shaped glass sculptures which are then affixed to the wall for BANK LOBBIES, HALLWAYS, ATRIUMS etc


(Large and Small)

We design and install painted murals for OFFICES, PUBLIC ART SPACES, BANK LOBBIES, HOMES, RESTAURANTS, etc. The art is done in our studio, then the piece is brought to the site for installation, so we are never at your home or office day after day painting!

CUSTOM DESIGNED GIFTS (For Christmas, Corporations, Colleges etc.)

We design heartfelt gifts of all kinds, ORNAMENTS, WINE GLASSES, MUGS, NECKLACES, NOTEPADS, etc. etc. These are designed for our Yemi line which are sold in a number of towns, but we also design CUSTOM GIFTS for SCHOOLS, CORPORATIONS and INDIVIDUALS


(Portraits, Landscapes and Vignettes)

We offer precious, heartfelt small art for offices and homes, including: PORTRAITS, LANDSCAPES, and DECORATIVES

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